4 Comfort Food For This Night

Skillet Pizza Recipe

On September, the world changed and with it, the food that we crave and cook. We found ourselves making more mashed potatoes and dishes that were more subtly spiced and comforting to our soul.

1. Grilled Sea Bass with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables Vinaigrette

In our first recipe, you can use any fresh white fish. It is the mild-flavored fish with mashed potatoes that makes this a comfort food, and the sautéed vegetables can change depending on what you can find fresh in the market. Serve this with fresh fruit and cheese and you will know that spring is around the corner. Enjoy.

Grilled Sea Bass with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables Vinaigrette
Grilled Sea Bass with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables Vinaigrette

2. Skillet Pizza

The second recipe uses thin pasta such as capellini or angel hair to form a pizza crust to hold a savory mix of ground turkey in a pizza sauce with typical pizza toppings for a comforting family supper. For a meatless pizza, leave out the ground turkey and increase the mozzarella cheese to 1 1/4 cups. Serve this with a mixed green salad with fat free Italian dressing and fresh tangerines for dessert.

Skillet Pizza Recipe
Skillet Pizza Recipe

3. Parvine’s Chicken Soup

When Fran was convalescing from some unscheduled surgery, she was fortunate to have had her dear friend Parvine arrive from Connecticut two days before she was released from the hospital. Parvine’s a fabulous cook and feels comfortable cooking in Fran’s kitchen.

Parvine's Chicken Soup
Parvine’s Chicken Soup

She made this recipe while Fran was still in the hospital and brought her a bowl for her evening meal. Fortunately, the recipe makes a lot and freezes superbly so Parvine froze the remainder of the soup in portions for Fran and her husband to enjoy for long after Parvine’s two-week visit. It’s a comforting meal in a bowl, needing only some fresh fruit to complete the menu.

4. Parvine’s Beef Stew

Another recipe from Fran’s friend, this stew is pure comfort food and one loved by anyone who yearns for “meat and potatoes.” This recipe also freezes well to enjoy later. Parvine served this with a big salad made of crisp greens, shredded cucumber, shredded carrot, and vine-ripened cocktail tomatoes (the ones sold in a bag, still vine-attached) with a drizzle of her low-fat dressing (see this month’s ‘entertaining’ article). Like us, Parvine uses no more than 2 teaspoons of dressing for every heaping cup of salad. Pears and a tiny wedge of fat-free sharp cheddar cheese were served for dessert.

Parvine's Beef Stew
Parvine’s Beef Stew

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