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4 Recipes For Bountiful Harvest

When October arrives we all think about heartier meals using autumn’s bounty. This year we’ve tried to bring you a variety of recipes from vegetarian to dessert with absolutely fantastic dishes in between. Look for the freshest ingredients and get your pots, pans and molds or soufflé dishes ready. We’re ready to cook.

1. Italian Veal and White Bean Stew

Italian Veal and White Bean Stew

Our first recipe is classic Italian, and is classically delicious-it has everything going for it. The veal cooks rather quickly so you’re ready to eat in about 1 1/2 hours and, if you have a good butcher who will cut up your meat, even a few seconds sooner. The shoulder chops are certainly affordable and convenient canned vegetables make this really easy. By the way, you can also make this with lamb, substituting rosemary for the thyme and basil. All you need is a green salad, and one of those great new apples and some cheese for dessert.

2. Steamed Apple Pudding

Apple Pudding Recipe

There are many recipes for apples, but this one brings Great Britain and our new harvest in apples into a marriage that will make you sing. Remember to simmer this pudding in a water bath, which means that you place the soufflé dish into a larger pot and then fill with boiling water at least half way up the sides of the dish. Serve it warm with a teaspoon of melting non-fat, no sugar vanilla ice cream. Do look at the carbohydrate amounts. This is not the dessert to eat after a meal high in carbs. In term of apples, you can mix varieties by taste or use all sweet or all tart ones.

3. Linguine with Spinach

Linguine with Spinach Recipe

How do you make dinner in less than 20 minutes and still serve something that will be a hit? During the year I use many in season vegetables to make this meal, from asparagus to zucchini. Add a green salad and you’ve made dinner.

4. Roasted Beet Salad with Fennel

Bountiful Harvest

Our last fall recipe is the result of visiting a new produce market in my area. There were all of fall’s colorful vegetables in beautiful displays-one literally seduced me to fix this for supper that night to accompany some grilled fish. The colors were so stunning and the flavors sublime. Slow roasting brings out the sweet earthy flavor of beets. We know a fellow cook who roasts a supply each week to have as an impromptu vegetable or, as here, salad.

Linda Andini
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